Newfound, Volume No. 12 Issue 2, “Roof, 2020”

Cold Mountain Review, Spring 2019, “Joyce and the Tree”

Hobart, July 2, 2018, “Against the Ground”

North American Review, Spring 2018, “Mary and the Machine” (A Distinguished Story, The Best American Short Stories 2019)

Boulevard, Nos. 98 & 99, “My Little Pet”

Catapult, “The Snake as Big as Their House”

The Carolina Quarterly Volume 67.1, “Leaving Hope”

FRiGG Issue 49, “I Could Please You”; “A Glass of Water”; “Here I Am”

Ninth Letter 13.2, “The Great Unraveling”

Fiction Number 62, “The Gorge”

Santa Monica Review, Spring 2016 “The Lighthouse”

Glimmer Train, Issue 96 “In the Beginning”

The Forge Anthology: Flash Fiction from The Forge, February 2016

Hobart, February 2016, “The Civilized Pirate”

Room 37.4, “Mrs. Tingle Steps Up”

Santa Monica Review Fall 2014, “Stress Test”

Glimmer Train 92, “The Final Sermon”

A Bad Penny Review, “The Women”

Fiction 365, “Things Come to Life”


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